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[ [ I'm 0nly me... like it or not.. ] ]

~I'm not trying to be anything other then what i've been tryin to be lately...~

:: A s h l e y M a r i e ::
27 February
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|x| Stats! |x|

|x|name: Ashley|x|
|x|birthday: 2-27|x|
|x|nationality: italian|x|
|x|screen name: xiM0nLyMex |x|
|x|hair: brown|x|
|x|eyes: hazel|x|

|x| Favorites! |x|

|x|color: pink|x|
|x|body spray: Love Spell- Victoria Secret|x|
|x|t.v. show[s]: Summerland, Oc, One Tree Hill, Everwood, 7th Heaven|x|
|x|movie: A Walk to Remember|x|
|x|band/singer: Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Hilary Duff|x|
|x|song[s]: everytime (britney spears), have u ever (brandy), u got it bad (usher), coming clean (hilary duff), i promise (staci orrico), ocean avenue (yellowcard)
|x|subject: none |x|
|x|food[s]: Chicken Quesadillas and Icecream!! |x|
|x|fruit: strawberries|x|
|x|month: february & december|x|
|x|season[s]: fall & winter|x|
|x|holiday: christmas|x|

|x| Do questions! |x|

|x|do you believe in love at first site? kind of|x|
|x|do you get along with your parents? most of the time|x|
|x|do you think about suicide? nooo |x|
|x|do you drink? nope|x|
|x|do you smoke? hecccck no! |x|
|x|do you do drugs? helllll no! |x|
|x|do you think you have multiple personalities? sometimes|x|

|x| Have questions! |x|

|x|have you ever smoked? nope|x|
|x|have you ever done drugs? no|x|
|x|have you ever drank alcohol? yup|x|
|x|have you ever gotten drunk? nope|x|
|x|have you ever made out with a friend? nooo|x|
|x|have you ever used anyone? yea…|x|
|x|have you ever been used? prolly|x|

|x| Best questions! |x|

|x|best person to talk to: Alexa, and my cousin Nina|x|
|x|best feeling: during the winter, around christmas time, don't ask, it's just when I get all my memories|x|
|x|best thing in the world: Friends and Family|x|
|x|best thing that has ever happened to you: When I went to the fair when I lived in Regal Pointe... wow good times|x|

|x| Friends! |x|

|x|best: gigi & heather|x|
|x|who lives the farthest away? christine|x|
|x|who lives the closest to you? jamarr|x|
|x|who is the tallest? jamarr|x|
|x|who is the meanest: jamarr|x|
|x|who is the nicest? christine|x|
|x|who is the loudest? jamarr|x|
|x|who is the smartest? melanie|x|
|x|who is the craziest? heather & jamarr|x|
|x|who is the most violent? brandon|x|
|x|who dresses the best? heather & jamarr|x|
|x|who sings the best? none of them! lOl|x|
|x|who makes you smile the most? heather |x|
|x|who gives you a funny feeling when you see them? danny|x|
|x|who do you turn to the most? jamarr & heather|x|

|x| Love! |x|

|x|who do you love more than anyone in the world? my family|x|
|x|what do you first notice about a guy? eyes, arms, hair|x|
|x|are you currently in love? I don't even know...|x|
|x|last crush: Danny|x|
|x|first love: Never experienced it|x|
|x|ideal date: movies|x|
|x|dream date: sitting on west palm beach, holding hands, watching the sunset|x|