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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2005|04:55 pm]
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Funny.. [Jan. 7th, 2005|03:46 pm]
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I thought these were pretty funny..

OoO yea!
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RUINED! [Jan. 7th, 2005|03:20 pm]
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[MoOd |worriedworried]
[MuSiC |Bring Me To Life- Evanescence]

I TOTALLY ruined it.. last night my mom was like "Today I was thinking about what we're gonna do for your birthday, but now I don't even care" or something like that. But it gave me the impression that I might not be having one so I go "Well I don't even know what we're gonna do so I might as well not even have one." I mean everyones like "Why are you so picky??" but okay, do you want to have bad memories of your 16th bday?? Uhh no, so if its not gonna be perfect, then i'm not gonna celebrate it! And thats that! I was really hoping to have one though.. so maybe if I give my mom a little time to cool off then she'll change her mind. But then we'll only have like not even a month to plan for it, and these things take a LONG time to get ready for. I hope it works out. I didn't go to school today thank gawd. I'm glad I didn't. Like no one was there. I didn't miss anything but for some reason people thought I needed to be there. They don't know the circumstances so they don't need to talk. But yea, I gotta clean my room from last night. Bye. <3
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WOW! [Jan. 6th, 2005|11:57 pm]
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[MoOd |shockedshocked]
[MuSiC |I'm A Slave 4 U- Britney Spears]

This is gonna be long, but if you really care, you’ll read it. Tonight was DEFINATELY one of the best days of my life, and i'm sure it was one of Jamarr and Krystle's too. It was crazy. Okay, today Krystle came home w/ me after school cuz we were gonna work on our projects for history and spanish. So we got here and we wanted to get some food so we asked my mom if we could drive to get some and for SOME reason she said YES!! So we got in the car and were driving to Steak n Shake but then Krystle wanted McDonalds so we went there instead. Then Jamarr called as we were pulling in and he was like “where are you?” and I said we were getting some food at McDonalds and he was like “where’s Ms. Cappuccino?” and I was like “at home.. she has a migrane” and he was like “well how’d you get to McDonalds then??” and I was like “she let me drive by myself” even though I only have my permit. But yea, so then he was like “no way! come to my house!” and so we did like 20 minutes later and we ended up picking him up. Then we called Josh cuz we wanted to pick him up and bring him to Heather’s for like a surprise since Heather likes him and everything but he said that he was leaving in a few minutes and that Heather is at the store buying hair dye and an outfit for tomorrow. So I was like “okay nevermind, Heather’s not home so we’re not going over there”. So then we went and drove to Checkers in Lake Mary because Jamarr was hungry this time and that was like RIGHT by Regal Pointe so we went to go visit Larry! Even though I was kinda mad @ him I still went and we were cool, but yea, I went there and he wasn’t there and the cops were so we left cuz I was kinda “underage” driving lOl. Okay well here’s the traumatic part of my day. We were heading to Shaun’s and I was like “omg I could go see Jessica!!” She lived in the neighborhood across the street from Shaun’s so I went their and I pulled up and their house was NOTHING like it used to be. Their house was like the best on the block, their grass was always green and they had little cute things in their lawn and it was always SO nice and homely looking but when I pulled up the grass was all brown, there were two like broken old chairs and it was literally devastating. So I parked the car and Krystle and Jamarr were like “do you want us to come with you?” and I was like “no its okay” so I walked up to the door and I said to myself like “maybe they moved out and someone else lives here” but then I saw their sign that’s been their since the day I first when to her house which was in like 6th grade and so I rang the doorbell and waited. It took a second and I was about to leave but then I heard like chains walking closer to the door. It was kinda scary. Then someone opened the door and it was her mom. She was VERY close to bald, she had like fuzz on her head, there was like almost NO hair. She looked about 98, even though she’s not even close, and she had one of those hospital things attached to her, like a tall metal pole with a water bag in it and it was going all into her neck and her nose. She was home alone, you couldn’t hear ANYTHING in the background. She was all by herself, like her husband left her or something. The I asked if she was there and she stared RIGHT into my eyes and was like “NO, Jessica doesn’t live here ANYMORE” and shut the door. I walked back to the door with the most shocked look on my face. Jamarr and Krystle were like “Ashley what happened, what’s wrong??” But I just said “wow”. That really affected me though. All the rumors were true. She lives with her 23-year-old boyfriend, her brother got this girl pregnant, and her dad left her mom when she has CANCER! That totally changed me. I’m so traumatized today and it’s not even funny. I used to be best friends with this girl. Me and her had been through SO much and then she starting sneaking around and then smoking and then doing drugs. At first it was the legal drugs, then the illegal ones. Then I lost contact with her because Danny broke up with her, and we like never talked. I know I’m talking A LOT about this but its TERRIFYING to me! This is the girl whose house I would go over like EVERY DAY after school. Her mom would always pick us up from school and then we would go there. Wow. I’m DEFINITELY going to have nightmares about this one. Okay so to get my mind off of things we headed to Shaun’s. Well he wasn’t there so I got back in the car to call his cell. He said he was at his friend Josh’s and so I said okay and just sat there in the car for a second. I was totally SHAKING. So anyways, I’m gonna make the rest of this short, so we went back to Jamarr’s to open the door for his little brother, then we went back to Regal Pointe and Larry was there then. So he wanted to go to Burger King so I brought him there and then we went to Lucas’s and he wasn’t there and then we went to Nina’s and she wasn’t home. Then Larry said he has another friend he wanted to go to so we did and it ended up being Josh!! This kid I used to have a HUGE crush on and I was like “holllly crap” and I hit it in reverse to hide behind this truck because he was just STARING at me. That cracked Jamarr and Krystle up though! So then Larry got back in the car and we went to his other friend’s house in Chase Groves. OMG I took SO many wrong turns WOW! It was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. I thought it was starting to piss him off so I tried to stop but I couldn’t, I REALLY couldn’t!! But then he laughed about it so it was all good. Then by then my mom called and she said to come home now and everything was fine then, no problems really. But we still had to bring Jamarr to check in w/ his mom. He went in and she was pissed but he left anyways and then we had to go drop Larry off on the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN ALL IN 5 MINUTES! So that ended up taking like 20-30 minutes and I was screwed cuz my mom had called about 3 or 4 times and I was in soo much trouble. She yelled at me and I felt bad cuz I took advantage of her when she had a migrane and she let me drive her car. So then Jamarr called her back and she even yelled at him! But she said sorry cuz she wasn’t mad at him, she was mad @ me and she was just telling him. Well we told her that we had JUST picked him up and that’s why we were running late. So she NEVER knew that we had gone all those places. So then we got home and she lectured me about how I took advantage of her and everything and told me I was grounded and stuff and then okay, she goes “Krystle do you want so food” cuz she cooked pasta, and Krystle was like “no thanks” and then she looked at me and she was like “YOU can starve!” UGH! That was pretty funny though. Then we went to drop Krystle off in Altamonte and get my rubber bands lOl. Then we went to Burger King and me and Jamarr just KNEW all the stuff that we did today and that was one of them so we laughed and anyways, so yea we got some dinner and then went back home and then me and Jamarr went online and Heather was telling me to apologize for something that I didn’t do so that was gay and then my mom took Jamarr home around 10:30. Yea well what a day! I’m trying not to cry. Because of the whole Jessica’s house thing and then now I totally took advantage of my mom after ALL the stuff she does for me. I’m such a bad person. I don’t give her enough credit. I tried to say sorry but I couldn’t. Well I actually did but ALL I said was “sorry about today”. I didn’t let her know how I really felt. I just wanted to tell her everything we did today and that I was really sorry and that she could ground me all I want because right now I feel like bursting out in tears. Tomorrow I’m not planning on going to school and apparently Jamarr told my mom that so now it’s gonna be freaking hard to convince her but I’m going to say that I emailed my projects to all of my teachers and in all the other classes I am watching movies. Then I think I am going to tell her the truth. That I was planning to hide in the closet w/ my backpack, clothes, shoes, purse, and laptop so it will look like I went to school and then called myself in sick. Cuz with my mom its like “honesty is the best policy”. She’s never said that but I know its like that because every time I tell the truth I get in a lot less trouble then I was going to in the first place with lying. But anyways.. I have to work on my spanish powerpoint so I can send it to Brittney tomorrow so she can put it on a CD and give it to Ms. Agramonte tomorrow since I won’t be there. I really hope this works. Goodnight everyone. <3
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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2005|10:25 am]
:: A s h l e y M a r i e ::
[MoOd |crappycrappy]
[MuSiC |People talkin..]

I went to bed at like 8:00 last night, I was SO tired! But yea.. so right now i'm in Mr. Bandali and since I was smart and did all of my work already I can go on my computer. Awesome rite!? Uhh yea! Me and Brittney both have pig tails today.. I think thats really funny. I'm thinking about going home but I dunno because okay, I think my makeup looks a HUGE mess.. but no one is saying it does!! I even asked them and they say it doesn't look bad. Except for Heather. I dunno though.. maybe just me and her see it. Who knows.. but I dunno.. I prolly won't. I'll just deal with it, i'm already in 4th period and it's over in like 5 minutes, then I have Levings and Yin.. really easy. Okay well I g2g!! I got lunch w/ Heather today!! Wo0t!! <3
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New Years Resolutions..! [Jan. 3rd, 2005|10:52 pm]
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[MoOd |sleepysleepy]
[MuSiC |Survivor- Destiny's Child]

My New Years Resolutions:

Not be so selfish
Pass 10th Grade
Go to bed before 10:30 every school night
Clean my desk off and keep it that way FOREVER

I'll think of more later..
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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2005|04:03 pm]
:: A s h l e y M a r i e ::
[MoOd |anxiousanxious]
[MuSiC |(I Hate) Everything About You- Three Days Grace]

Back to school today wasn't that bad. This morning I was all alone with no Alisha, lOl, cuz she wasn't here obviously. But then Nizam, Josh, and Chris came over and said that they were sitting there from now on. Then Krystle came and we all had some nasty bagels lOl. Then Heather came, all the guys said she looked really tired when she walked up. Then me and her went to Ms. Levings's room and said hi to our "mommy". Then we said hi to Mr. Yin and then the bell rang. So I walked to the stairs and Heather went down and I went to Ms. Agramonte (Spanish). In Spanish all we did was get some papers back and worked on our projects for like an hour. In A+ we just studied for a little while and then did this assignment but Jerome did it for me and then we took a test which I got a 58% on.. that definately sucks. In English we watched a movie. Then we went to lunch and then I went to Science which was like a totally FREE period it was great. No homework all week in that class. Wo0t! One class down atleast..! I have some Geometry homework from before the break when I was absent that Thursday but other then that i'm homeworkless lOl. Until Wednesday, but even then all I have to do is handwrite something that is typed. But then again I don't know about tomorrow.. I might she stacked up w/ it. Who knows, all I know is that I have to go to the store tonight to get makeup!! I need a compact, blush, tanning stuff, and lipgloss. I think i'm gonna get some eyeshadow too..! But yea lOl, I really need to start getting my nails and eyebrows done again because doing my eyebrows myself is a pain and u gotta do it like every other day at the least, and my nails, yea I miss them A LOT but I have to admit i've learned to live without them lOl. Today Heather told people that when I get drunk I take my clothes off lmao. I think its funny because people actually believe it! I know i'm not like that but if they want to think that they can. Okay well i'm gonna go workout on my new treadmill! Wo0t! Bye! <3
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Oooomgosh.. [Jan. 1st, 2005|08:39 pm]
:: A s h l e y M a r i e ::
[MoOd |okayokay]
[MuSiC |I Promise- Stacie Orrico]

Me and Heather just watched "Napoleon Dynamite" and WOW that was the STUPIDEST movie I think i've ever seen. Was it just me or does it not make sense? Wow.. very dumb. Anyways.. me and Heather took some pics of our new "club". I'll put em on here when I get them uploaded. I made Heather a LiveJournal today, its "Imaugluduckling" if ya'll wanna add her to ur friends! I'm watching Cops rite now and their being stupid. Their busting people for showing there "private parts" during Mardi Gras. Oookay thats like a main part of Mardi Gras. Now their sending this girl to jail cuz she spit on someone, they call that "battery" lmao thats too funny! I swear I hate cops. I don't do any illegal things like drugs or smoking or drinking or anything but I hate them. Their supposed to protect you but they scare me. Their is literally like NOTHING you can do thats not illegal, like if you just happen to be standing in front of a cop while their trying to get to someone you could be arrested for "interference of a police investigation", thats so dumb wow. Something I will NEVER get is why people drink, smoke, do drugs, fight, or actually ENJOY watching fights. TONS of ppl do that stuff. Its like 99 out of a 100, lOl, but seriously its true! People for SOME reason think that drinking will get rid of their problems. Same with smoking and drugs. It's so weird to me, it just doesn't make sense. If you have a crappy life then get f*ckin help! Its not that hard! Then the whole fighting thing. Some people just have WAY to big of egos and when ONE person says something they don't "agree with" they "fight" them. Gayfers gayfers gayfers lOl. But neways lOl, that has nothing to do with anything, just thought I should say that. K well i'm gonna CLEAN SOME MORE because thats all I EVER do around here. Then at like 9:00 or something Byeee. <3
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Soo proud! [Jan. 1st, 2005|02:13 pm]
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[MoOd |shockedshocked]
[MuSiC |Through The Rain- Mariah Carey]

I am SO proud of myself..! Last night I took my earrings out even though it hasn't even been 3 weeks yet and i'm supposed to keep them in for 6, but yea, I did it and it hurrrrt like a b*tch! Heather started it and did it and then by the end oof the night I could! Okay its prolly nothing to you guys but I was TERRIFIED of poking something thru my ear EW. But yea.. last night was so fun, I dyed my hair! I don't really know what color it is but its really dark I <3 it. But yea.. I gotta finish cleaning up from last night.. everything is a MESS. I'll prolly write later now that i'm not going to my dads. <3
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Club A & H [Jan. 1st, 2005|01:13 am]
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[MuSiC |Naked- Avril Lavigne]

Club A & H

Coming soon . . <3
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